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FV SeleQt are the European specialists in fine vegetables (mangetout, haricot verts and sugar snaps). We grow the products at our own cultivation locations in Africa, supplemented by a strong network of partner growers. This enables us to offer our range to customers all year round. From seed to shelf: the entire process is subject to stringent checks.

Our fine vegetables

Sugar Snaps

Sugar snaps are fresh green vegetables that you can eat whole. Sugar snaps also taste sweeter than mangetouts due to the peas, hence the name.

Haricots Verts

Haricots verts or French green beans have a more complex taste and more elegant appearance than a normal green bean. On the inside they are refined and soft in taste and the outside is wonderfully crunchy.


Mangetouts are flat, young, bright greenvegetables. They are harvested very early, so they are flat and the peas are not yet developed and are therefore small. The mangetouts are soft and have a refined taste.

Bimi® (Tenderstem Broccoli)

This vegetable is slightly different from other vegetables. Bimi® broccoli is sweet, crunchy and has a beautiful green colour. A delicious addition to any dish and also very easy to prepare.

Green Beans

FV SeleQt supply green beans all year round, from Morocco, Senegal & the Netherlands.

Spring Onions

Spring onions are immature bunched onions with long leaves. FV Seleqt are specialised in spring onion cultivation in Egypt. The taste is mild, soft and subtle.

Our farms

We have our own product locations in Zimbabwe. This allows us to offer our customers optimum security in terms of food safety, quality and availability. Our Zimbabwean fields and packhouses are operated according to European standards, with the well-being of farmers and employees being of paramount importance.

Our focus

growing & sourcing

We grow our products at our own farms in Africa, supplemented by a strong network of partner growers worldwide, including Peru, Guatemala and Spain.

Logistics & Warehousing

We control the entire logistics chain, including packaging, ourselves. We have warehouse facilities in the country of origin and in the Netherlands to guarantee quality. By using a vertical filling machine we can provide our customers with a quality guarantee. In short: we organise the entire process from farm to customer.

People & Planet

At FV SeleQt we believe that our fine vegetables should be good for everyone: good for us, good for the planet.

quality & safety

From seed to shelf: the entire process is under strict control: High quality through very strict quality standards.

Fair Trade

Within the entire range, we place great emphasis on honest and sustainable business practices. The Fair Trade label has even stricter requirements. And we can meet these too. Our haricots are available as a Fair Trade product. That means: from a certified farm in Kenya, supplied by farmers who receive a guaranteed minimum price. This way, the farmer has the opportunity to invest in sustainable projects and production.